Test Teacher Anthem


About Greygower

I've been a freelance audio engineer for most of my adult life. I also write and record songs about the things that interest me. Over the past few years I've been following the issue of Education Reform and have been blown away by the sheer volume of hot air emanating from those hoping to take over public education. So now I'm writing about that.
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9 Responses to Test Teacher Anthem

  1. Felix Owen says:

    Love song, this why I left education and went into another field. Feel sorry for those kids.

  2. “Test teacher, test teacher
    Teaching to the test
    Work on math and English
    And forget about the rest”

    Arne Duncan has solved this problem: Standardized tests in all subjects. (posttests, interim tests, and pretests in the fall, so we can measure gains)

  3. Very catchy. With the swathes of scientific evidence, research, and public concern being so deliberately ignored, one cannot help but wonder if the aim of Education in America is to dumb down the masses.

  4. Carol Sawyer says:

    Great song! We’re hoping to organize a sing-along during the public comment period at the next Board of Education meeting. We may need to modify the words a bit, our school system is adding 52 NEW standardized tests this spring, with more to come. To solve the teaching only math and English problem, we’re going to create standardized tests for EVERY subject, from dance to yearbook. The tests will high-stakes for the teachers, part of pay-for-performance.

  5. susan desimone says:

    heard your song before–want to forward it, but now can’t pick up a link for it???

  6. Miss Crabtree says:

    A song satirist in the great spirit of Tom Lehrer. Thank you for the creativity and mirth. I give it a ten–you can dance to it!

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